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The history of Lingyath Rajahs between 1633 to 1807 was recorded a document, before that everything was in oral. According to that, Kodava Nayaks, who were against the rulers were killed by infighting instigated by Lingyath Rajahs. It was around 1650, Muckatira Nayaka and Machangala Nayaka envious of Chittiappa Nayaka of Anchigeri, hatched a plot and wiped out Chittiappa Nayaka and his family. Meanwhile a maid servant Ayyavva managed an escape with two year old son of Chittiappa. Later Chittiappa's Son Acchu Nayaka with the help of Chengalva ruler of periapatna, avenged Muckatira Family. To escape the fury of Achu Nayaka, wife of Muckatira Nayaka Seethavva left Mathur with her two sons Appaiah and Thammaiah and was settled in Belluru, under the protection of Bachira Family. Seethavva's grave is Ajjithare. Later the six sons of two brothers were settled in 4 keries Angode, Hodavu, Kundoor and Gundamad of Bellur and Harihara Village.

There were four Ain-manes (Ancestral Home) which do not exist now, later a changed economy and way of life, families dispersed. There are around 180 families in the Muckatira Okka residing in surrounding area's Kutta, Badaga, Kothur, Nalkeri, Karmad and some places in Srimangala and Ponnampet and Gonicoppa of Kodagu district.

The Muckatira Okka has given many of it's members to the armed forces and many of them have served in the government under various capacities. Muckatira Okka is proud to host the 23rd edition of The Kodava Hockey Festival in 2019. We tried to refresh our memories about Kodagu, Kodava Okka's and Families , we hope you all value and help us in our approach, towards connecting families and we solicit your support and encouragement to make this unique event a grand success.

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Kodava Hockey Festival

The Kodava Hockey festival is the brain child of Pandanda Kuttappa, an ex- first division referee, and an ex-employee of State Bank of India. The tournament was started in 1997 with the participation of 60 teams; the philosophy behind the tournament was to bring Kodava Families together. The month long tournament sees the participation of Players from all fields of work. There is no age bar, or gender obstacle. Anyone to everyone in an Okka can participate. There is a sort of bidding that takes place as to which okka get the hosting rights.
It is one of the largest Hockey tournaments in the world. The tournament is organized under the aegis of Kodava Hockey academy, hosted by one of the Okka. As many as 334 teams participated in the 22nd edition of Kulletira Okka Hockey Festival, and has been referred to the Guinness book of records. However it has already found a place in the Limca book of records. It is a big event, organizers have to manage a budget of around two and half crores, the family works on the new ground every year. Start from scratch, cleaning, rolling and to erect a gallery for around thirty thousand people.
A small amount is collected from hosting family, the rest of the amount is usually managed from corporates, sponsors and some grants from government. Kodava's believe hockey is in their blood, more than 50 hockey internationals; several Olympians have brought laurels to this country. An action packed a month long festival of Indian Hockey along with the display of Kodava Cultural events and fun fair, and is considered as one of India's hockey nurseries.

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Bellur - Harihara Mukkatira the hosts of 2020 Kodava Hockey Festival

We the Muckatira Okka, under the aegis of Kodava Hockey Academy, and Coorg Hockey, all set to carry forward the tradition of Kodava hockey festival, with the support of all, the government, the Sponsors, the Generous Individuals, and the Hockey lovers. Let us all together make this event a grand success. The Muckatira Okka (Clan), The host of the 23rd edition of Kodava Hockey Festival, invites you all, with the slogan “Keep clean and green Kodagu”, and carry forward the rich culture of Kodavas, through the medium of the game hockey, at the picturesque Federation of Kodava Samajas ground, Balugodu, Virajpet, Kodagu District.

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Kodagu and Kodavas

Coorg or Kodagu is a tiny isolated mountainous district of Karnataka, contains dense forests, coffee estates and paddy fields. The western ghats mountain range, runs from north to south is about hundred kilometers. The main river is Cauvery, known as “Ganges of the South” along with its tributaries Laxmantheertha and Harangi, which provides livelihood and water to the people of Karnataka.

Kodagu was a thickly forested area, full of wild animals. It was adventure coupled with prospect of owning a plantation,

which attracted the British to venture in to this in hospitable area. The settlers found the weather, and the landscape, similar to that in some parts of Britain, and called Kodagu “The Scotland of India”. Kodagu is a rural region, with most of the economy based on agriculture, plantations, and tourism. The annexation of Coorg by British in 1834, led to a number of economic, political, and social reforms. The coffee cultivations, and educational institutions by British, were instrumental for Kodava's to reach great heights. It is a matter of pride for Kodava's, that Field Marshal K.M Cariappa, Gen.K.S. Thimmaiah, and the first Indian women IFS, C.B.Muthamma were from Kodagu.

Kodagu is the place to be, for all nature lovers. This popular coffee producing hill station not only popular for its beautiful green Hills and the Streams cutting right through them, it also stands as a popular destination In Karnataka because of its culture and people. We are especially notable for our hospitality. Kodava religion mainly revolves around ancestor worship, and worship of river Cauvery. One of the most important feature of Kodagu culture is its clan based system, where the Kodava Society is divided into Clan (Mane peda). Kodava culture is entirely different from Hindu culture, our ceremonies, and Festivals, our Attire etc are unique.

We worship our ancestors, before all Gods. It is well known fact that Gun, the Odikathi, (a broad bladed sword), and Peechekathi (A small dagger,) are part of a life of Kodava's, these arms are linked with our ceremonial occasions.The Europeans had tried to popularize Christianity among Kodavas, and even Tippu Sultan too had tried coercive methods to convert the Kodavas to Islam, all proved unsuccessful. The Kodavas only influenced by the way of life of the British and continue with their ancient practice of ancestor, and nature worship. The Okka (Clan), whose members claim decent from a common ancestor and bear a common Okka name by which they are identified.
The traditional ancestral homes (Ain-Manes), or the Guru Stanas are socially and culturally important with historic value. The Kodava Tradition rooted in the community, everything depends on participation and cooperation, and the younger generations make it possible to continue with our rich tradition.
This is about the Kodava people, the land we have inhabited for centuries. The land of Kodagu with its wild beautiful hills, streams, dense forests, abundant wildlife and flora. In addition the climate and the difficult terrain shaped the Kodavas into a robust outdoor people, who made excellent sports persons, and brave warriors. The rich heritage of thepeople of Kodagu, The abundant natural beauty signals every visitor to conserve this tiny district.

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